Expunging Convictions and Sealing Records Can Change Your Life

In certain circumstances and under certain conditions, you may be able to expunge your conviction and/or seal records.  Imagine the benefit of not being required to report your expunged conviction on your next job application.  Protect your reputation from those public records by having them sealed under a court order.

Once you've paid your debt to society, the law allows for you to have a second chance if you can show the court you have been successfully rehabilitated.  The law understands the difference between a hardened criminal and someone who has just made a bad decision or an uncharacteristic mistake in their life.  A second chance and a fresh start may be just around the corner for you.

As a lawyer, I appreciate the importance of defending the rights of the accused, and of the convicted, and use every available means to ensure that my clients receive high caliber legal representation and access to justice. I get results for clients through hard work and experience.

For the best representation you can get, talk with me today. I am standing by and ready to help you through this difficult time.